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Wesleyan Cemetery

December 15, 2009

The Wesleyan Cemetery is the oldest continually operated cemetery in Hamilton county, and is a great place to go to experience Cincinnati and American history.  The history of the cemetery is blotted with periods of neglect, deterioration and scandal.  In 1992, for example, reports arose about unearthed bones being found in discarded dirt piles.

Many of the headstones are broken, uprooted or completely blank because they are so weathered and neglected.  The ground will occasionally sink in as you walk.  I took a field trip here in high school, and while browsing the grounds a friend and I came across a hole in the ground big enough to put an arm into (we didn’t).  We looked into it and saw something wooden in the darkness under the ground.  This time, I went and found the hole again but it was filled with leaves.

All photos from iPhone.  More photos later.

Door to a Family Vault

broken headstone


Artist Jimmy Kuehnle wandering around downtown

December 11, 2009

Photos by Kendall Bruns.

Laminated Bird on a real tree.

December 4, 2009

bird on tree.

Near Coffee Emporium in Hyde Park.

Photo by Serenity Johnson.

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