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Best Hardware Store Around

February 22, 2010

If you’ve never been to the Ace Hardware in Northside, you need to check it out.  First check out this little montage about it and it’s owner put together by Michael E. Keating.

You need FLASH to see it.  It’s on so who knows how long it will be there.


Northside again

February 21, 2010

hat on a signJust a little hat on a sign in Northside, right next to this Shepard Fairey mural:

Shepard Fairey Mural

Overlooking Cincinnati

February 12, 2010

Downtown from an overlook.Over the Rhine and Downtown Cincinnati, From Bellvue Hill Park in Clifton Heights.

Old Cincinnati StreetcarA real Cincinnati streetcar at the Cincinnati History Museum at Union Terminal.  Someone bought it after the streetcars were replaced with buses and most of the other streetcars were set to fire. He used it to house a little antique shop. There was an older gentleman on the streetcar telling stories about the history of the streetcar and his life in post-WWII Cincinnati.