“It’s Coming…”

I’ve seen this giant lizard on top of 3 different buildings now.  All visible from I-75.  It seems to be getting closer to downtown or the river.  These photos show it in the West End.  Some sort of viral marketing thing I reckon.  I just googled around to see what it was, but didn’t find anything.  Anyone know?

lizard on top of wegman building
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4 Responses to ““It’s Coming…””

  1. overlookedcincy Says:

    Definitely the Zoo. Wonder where they found such a crazy huge inflatable lizard.

  2. holly Says:


  3. Lindsey Says:

    I’ve been googling it too. It was on the Jim Beam factory and in front of a construction vehicle rental building. Maybe a zoo promotion?

  4. visualingual Says:

    Something having to do with the Creation Museum, maybe?

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